About Daegu

  • Daegu is a first-class business city and a leader of new industries

    Daegu offers a glimpse into the present and future economy of Korea. Traditional industries which have been the driving force of Korea’s development are being renewed through organizational development and innovation, while investment in the infrastructure for building an innovative city and a national industrial complex are being made to foster new growth industries that will lead mankind in the future. Come visit Daegu, the city of limitless possibilities for cultural exchange and collaboration.

  • 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Just One Hour Away From Daegu

    Daegu is a city of living legacy and charm embracing 3,000 years of history. Nestled within wooded mountains and the Gumhogang river flowing around it, Daegu is an ideal place to convene and relax. The congress participants are assured of a warm welcome and a comfortable stay in Daegu, a city with many historic legacies registered as the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

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  • The Hub of the National Medical Industry, Korea’s Medi-city

    “Medi-City Deagu” is the flagship of Korea’s medical industry, and is home to twelve general hospitals, 3,000 medical facilities, four medical schools, and one eastern medicine school. The medical industry of Daegu was designated by the government as a key industry to foster and drive new growth. Home to Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation research facilities, the Korean Brain Research Institute, and the Korean Institute of Oriental Medicine, Daegu is positioning itself to becoming a global hub city that offers the best in the advanced medical industry.

  • Daegu, A Leader in the Global Robotics Industry

    Daegu has continued to make efforts in fostering new growth in the robotics industry, and as a result, is now home to the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement (KIRA), the sole national institute related to robotics, has the most companies related to robotics outside the capital region, and has the 3rd highest sales, employment and number of companies in the robotics industry in the country. From just 23 companies in 2010, the city grew to house 161 in 2017, and plans to grow as the hub for future robotics in Korea.

  • Daegu, the City Leading Self-Driving Electric Vehicle

    Daegu boasts the largest auto parts industry in the country with over 3,000 car parts manufacturers (Pyung Hwa, SL, Sangsin Brake, etc.) in the area. The city plans to create a new business model based around building a platform to implement the integration of 5G technology into self-driving vehicles, laying the foundation to produce auto parts for future vehicles, and creating the infrastructure and ecosystem required for manufacturing, supplying and testing electric vehicles.

  • Daegu, the Center of Korea’s Water Industry

    The city of Daegu continues its restoration projects for its urban streams and Nakdonggang River, the longest river in South Korea, and was awarded the Silver Prize at the International Environmental Awards in 2006. Additionally, the city is establishing the infrastructure required to compete in the global water industry by operating the national water industry cluster and the Korea Institute for Water Technology Certification, and building a test bed for distribution. The city continues its efforts to develop into a global hub for the water industry by creating the Global Water Industry Cluster Leaders Forum, and through the continued hosting of the International Water Industry Conference, World Water Cities Forum, the Korea International Water Week, and the Water Expo & Conference Korea.

  • World-Class Self-Sufficient Clean Energy City

    With a goal of becoming the first city in Korea to be energy self-sufficient, Daegu hosted the first International Solar Cities Congress in 2004, and has been hosting the International Green Energy Expo & Business Conference, one of the top ten largest solar energy expos in the world, and the International Green Energy Business Conference, each year.
    In 2012, the city secured the contract to house the headquarters for International Solar Cities, successfully hosted the 2012 World Energy Congress and 2015 International Solar Energy Society Solar World Congress, and succeeded in the bid to host the 2021 World Gas Congress, all of which helped the city make great strides in emerging as a world-class energy city.

  • The World-Renowned "Daegu Smart City”

    Daegu has been laying the foundation for becoming a Smart City since 2016 through the implementation of civil service AI robots, real-time bus route systems, smart parks, and more.
    The city continues its efforts in developing D-Cloud, a system that connects and combines administrative services; 3D maps and high-speed optical networks; and local data hubs. Daegu also encourages the active participation of its citizens to help develop the city into a Smart City through its Citizen’s Public Relations Group and task force in charge of discovering potential problems around the city. These initiatives ultimately laid the foundation for Daegu to be selected as the “Model City for the Innovative Growth in Power Project.”


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